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Barnet Education Arts Trust

To Parent/Carers

I am pleased to inform you that for new students wishing to sign up for instrumental lessons for the first time for next term we will be implementing a new online system.

The system will be up and running from the end of January and to sign up and pay for lessons for next term new students will be able to do this by visiting our website at http://www.beatrust.org.uk.  This will give us a longer enrolment period and lessons can be booked for the Summer Term up to 10th March.  If any of your students have missed the deadline for this term please do give them our website address.  Existing students will be invoiced as usual  but any students who have missed the deadline for payment for this term will need to go online and pay.

Once students have signed up and paid they will be put into the waiting area on our system – we will then add them to staff contracts once we know the teacher/room is available.

 Kind regards

Lynn Holman-Fox

BEAT School IIT Late Starters Application Form AUTUMN 2016