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Class Assembly


General Information

Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing summer break. We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Year 3 and to introduce you to the team.  The adults working with 3DR are; Mrs Duarte, Mr Robins and Miss Howell. We are looking forward to this term and will ensure that the children continue to achieve their full potential.  If you would like to see us at any time to discuss any issues about your child, please do not hesitate to come and ask. We are available after school on Tuesdays from 3:30 – 3:45pm.


PE will be on a Monday, with the second PE slot on Thursday. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit with their name on it. This includes a weather appropriate PE kit and suitable footwear for the time of year. Children should keep their PE kits in school all week and take them home at the end of each half term to be washed.


It is vital that you help your child with homework. Please ensure your child reads every night, fills in their reading journal, and brings their book bag to school each day. On Fridays, homework will be sent home to be returned by the following Wednesday.  The children are able to come and discuss their homework with us, in class, if they need any extra help.


We are visiting Chiltern Open Air Museum on Tuesday October 16th. This will be a wonderful opportunity for pupils to learn all about life in Stone Age times, in line with our topic for this term. Please ensure payments are made promptly via the school payment system or school office. Please do not send money in to class teachers.

For your diary

Tues 11th September: Year 3DR Meet the Teacher at 3.15pm in our classroom

Tuesday 11th September 8pm - PTA Meeting (Hub)

Friday 14th September, 9-10am - PTA Coffee Morning for new Reception and Nursery parents

Friday 21st September, 9-10am – Reading Volunteer Workshop (Meet at the office)

Wednesday 26th September - School Council Election Day

Friday 28th September, 9-10am – Reading Volunteer Workshop (Meet at the office)

Monday 1st October 10am – School Council Results Assembly with the mayor (Parents of elected children welcome to attend)

Monday 8th October, 3.30-7.30pm – Parent Consultation Evening

Tuesday 9th October, 8pm – PTA Meeting (Hub)

Wednesday 10th October, 3.30-5.30pm – Parent Consultations Afternoon

Tues 16th October: Year 3 Trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum

Thursday 18th October 3.30pm-7.30pm – PTA Halloween Discos

Friday 19th October, 2pm – PTA Crafting

Friday 19th October, 3.15pm, Year 5 – PTA Cake Sale in the playground

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th October – HALF TERM HOLIDAY


Friday 2nd November – Whole School Maths Day

Friday 2nd November – PTA Non-Uniform Day (Please bring donations of any unwanted gifts that can be sold at the Christmas Fair)

Tuesday 6th November, 8pm – PTA Meeting (Hub)

Friday 9th November, 2pm – PTA Crafting, PTA Non-Uniform Day (Please bring donations of sweets and chocolates)

Saturday 10th November, 7pm – PTA Quiz night (for adults)

Monday 12th November – ANTI BULLYING WEEK BEGINS

Friday 16th November - PTA Non-Uniform Day (Please bring donations of sweets/chocolate for the Christmas Fair)

Friday 23rd November, 2pm – PTA Crafting and Face Paint tuition

Friday 30th November – PTA Year 4 Cake Sale

Friday 7th December – Pta Non Uniform Day (Please bring donations of bottles)

Saturday 8th December – Christmas Fayre

Friday 14th December, 3.15pm – Year 3 PTA Cake Sale in the playground

Friday 21st December LAST DAY OF TERM, SCHOOL CLOSES AT 1.30PM

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