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Year 4 – Gilwell Park

Year 4 Gilwell Park Meeting Presentation

Gilwell Park Kit List

You do not need to buy any new clothes to come to camp.  As there is often mud and water around, old clothes are the best, especially as we will be getting wet!  Children should be dressed appropriately for outdoor activities (tracksuits, trainers etc. not high heels!)


Change of underwear

Warm jumper/sweatshirt

Tracksuit/jogging bottoms

Spare socks

Spare t-shirt

Spare trousers

Waterproof coat



Sun hat

Other equipment:

Towel x 2


Soap/shower gel

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Mosquito repellent (optional)

Sun cream

Water bottle

Black bag (bin liner)

Disposable camera (optional)

Teddy bear!

For night time:

Sleeping bag


Warm pyjamas

Torch and batteries


Your child may bring a selection of snacks (for example sweets, cake, biscuits, chocolate) to share with the group (and teachers). Please ensure these are in a sealed plastic or metal box.  Please note – all goodies will be shared with the whole group.

Things NOT TO BRING…games consoles, phones, money, footballs, fizzy drinks.

Please make sure your child is able to carry their own luggage.

Please ensure all items are marked with your child’s name and school.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Year 4 team.